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WSU Features SBDC at the Raj Soin College of Business

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Jim Hannah at Wright State University just published an online story featuring the Small Business Development Center at WSU.  Call it a shameless plug but we thought you might want to read about it!

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VOB Ohio and the SBDC at WSU Mentioned in the Cleveland Business News

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The efforts of VOB Ohio and the SBDC at Wright State University recently made it into a story in the Cleveland Business News.  This just goes to show how far reaching the message can go when the effort is for a good cause.  If you are a veteran and have not taken advantage of the extensive resources available for entrepreneurship, you need to contact our office at 937-775-3503 or approach your nearest SBDC office.  We are here to help.

Read the Cleveland Business News Story  || Visit VOB Ohio

Forbes Lists Top 10 Franchises & 10 Worst Franchises

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Forbes magazine recently released their assessment of the best and worst franchises for entrepreneurs.  You will find a lot of names you know and a few you may not have heard of before.  Selecting a franchise that matches your personal and career goals can be difficult.  We recommend you use a trained consultant to determine if franchising is for you and if so, which franchise might be the best fit.  If you would like to discuss franchising and meet a franchising professional, please contact your local SBDC office for guidance.

For more on how Forbes came up with their rankings, read their story.


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Dayton Named One of the Most Small Business-Friendly Metro Areas

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According to, Dayton ranked 17 on a national survey of the most Small Business-Friendly metro areas. This is great news for all of our soon to be and established small business owners in Dayton! The survey, provided by, was sent to 12,000 small business owners over a two month period and assessed how owners perceived their business environment. Survey questions included small business owners’ attitudes regarding ease of starting a business or hiring employees, regulations and available training programs (like our own SBDC courses). States and metro areas were included in the results if 30 or more surveys were completed.

The survey found that Dayton is the highest ranking metro area in the state of Ohio for overall friendliness. Dayton received an overall grade of A- while the entire State of Ohio received a grade of C. For more perspective, Columbus received a B, Cleveland a B-, and Cincinnati a C+.

To see more survey results and read how those results were reached, click here.

Small Business Failure Rates

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The following stats were recently released by the SBA’s Office of Advocacy:

1) Historically, small business creates 63 percent of new private-sector jobs
2) However, small business job creation has dropped to 60 percent since the end of the recession
3) Small business employs 50 percent of the workforce
4) About 10 to 12 percent of small businesses open each year and about 10 to 12 percent close
5) About half of all new small businesses survive five years or more and about one-third survive 10 years or more

Bonus Stat — Small businesses produce 16 times more patents per employee than large firms!

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