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Export Control Reform

This workshop is important for any company involved in export compliance.  This program will help you to understand and implement the changes to ITAR and EAR export compliance regulations.

In April 2013 the Export Control Reform (ECR) efforts took a big step forward with a final published rule that, when implemented, will begin moving items and technologies from ITAR to EAR controls.  In theory the new rule will allow US companies to export more items without the need for a license, as these items move from the more restrictive ITAR to the less-restrictive EAR.  This reform addresses one of the President state goals of ECR, which is to focus more on protecting the truly sensitive items and technologies that may harm US national security interest in the wrong hands.

9:15 am – 11:30 noon

Wright State University

Room 248 Rike Hall

Cost: $95 per program
$170 for both  programs

Register Now

Or by calling: 937.775.3503
For more information, please
contact Kathy Marshalek at 937.775.3524

Topics to be covered in Program 1:

-  Complex changes to US Export Regulations- ITAR & EAR;

-  Background of President Obama’s overhaul for ITAR and EAR controls;

-  What are these complex changes to the USML and CCL;

-   Understanding the new ITAR and EAR definitions;

-  Identify new ITAR and EAR categories;

-  Additional future changes to ITAR and EAR;

-  What are the potential detriments and benefits of these changes;

-  What is the Transition Plan;

-  How to keep up to date on continual ITAR and EAR future changes.

Topics to be covered in Program 2:

- Simplifying the major changes to the US Export Regulations – ITAR and EAR;

-  Addresses aerospace and aircraft (Category VIII) changes;

-  Impact of these changes;

-  Learn more about the new ITAR and EAR Definitions and Classifications;

-  Find out about the new EAR Country Groups;

_  Recognize dual licensing opportunities;

-  Identify beneficial process changes for your company;

- How to keep up to date on continual ITAR and EAR future changes.

This workshop will be led by Vickie Lanich of Export Compliance Connections, LLC.  Vickie’s career spans across a variety of regulatory compliance laws,  policy development and process improvement initiatives.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience with ITAR, EAR, OFACR, and other foreign export regulations, import documentation, global outsourcing, including defense contracts and more.

Vickie’s innovative, solid solutions match an organizations’ need to significantly advance deliverables and generate substantial budgetary savings within organizations by abating risk, legal fees and fines through educational training.

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