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SBDC Training Classes

Please browse our classes listed below.  You may register for as many classes as you wish by clicking the “Register Now” button and completing the registration process through our Eventbrite account.

Date Class Time Register
 9/17  Build a Better Business Plan  6-8pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Business Plan Creation - NIGHT
 9/24  Cash Flows/Financials  1-3pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Cash Flow and Financials - Afternoon
 9/30  Introduction to LinkedIn  1-3pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Introduction to LinkedIn Workshop - Afternoon
 10/1  QuickBooks Beginner  9-11am Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC QuickBooks Beginner - Morning
 10/1  QuickBooks Intermediate  1-3pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC QuickBooks Intermediate - Afternoon
 10/8  Pricing Strategies  1-3pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Pricing Strategies - Afternoon
 10/15  Preparing for Financing  1-3pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Understanding and Preparing for Financing Seminar - Afternoon
 10/22 & 23  Boots 2 Business – Military Veteran &      Spouse Entrepreneurship Class  9am-4pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Boots to Business - Military Veteran & Spouse Entrepreneurship Class
 10/29  Franchising 101  6-8pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Franchising 101 Workshop - NIGHT
 11/12  Business Start-up Class  6-8pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Business Start-up Class - Evening
 11/19  Build a Better Business Plan  1-3PM Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Business Plan Creation - Afternoon
 12/3  Sales Class  1-3PM Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Sales Class - Afternoon
 12/10  Conducting Business Research  6-8pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC Conducting Business Research - Evening
 12/17  Global e-Commerce  1-3pm Eventbrite - Ohio SBDC & ITAC Global E-Commerce Class - Afternoon

WEATHER NOTICE: If Wright State University is closed or delayed due to weather, the closure or delay applies to all SBDC events and classes as well.  Monitor local television and radio stations to determine if WSU is closed due to inclement weather.


Local Business Event Calendar

Not all events are hosted at Wright State and not all events are associated with the SBDC so be sure to click on the event for details.

  1. Linda Madden
    08/22/2014 at 2:45 PM

    If someone drops out of the Sept 3, “Starting a Business” class could you please email me so I can register. Mr. Gregorich had told me about the class last week but couldn’t get approval to leave work early before all the spaces were taken. I will wait to register for the Nov class until I know it is not possible to enroll in this one so there is no duplication of registration. Thank you!

    • 09/02/2014 at 2:54 PM

      Thanks for inquiring Linda. We have registered you for the class tomorrow and have sent additional registration information to your email. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Thanks again for your interest!

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