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Business Blogging and Social Media


Blogging, you’ve heard the term, you may have even seen a blog or two on the web and didn’t even know what it was.  Or, maybe you know exactly what it is but can’t figure out how to actually put one to good use.  If Blogging isn’t the answer for you, this seminar will provide you with the basic knowledge you need to find the right website solution for your company.  Know what questions to ask your vendors.  Learn the various items you will need (and NOT need) to get your business on line.

Come to Business Blogging and learn what software is available what costs are involved and what you need to do to get started in the blogosphere or the world wide web!

  • Why a blog?
  • Anatomy of a blog
  • The software options
  • Strategies for business use
  • Basic website page layout standards
  • What to put on a website, what NOT to put on a website.
  • What is involved with marketing a website


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