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LivePlan – 12 Tips to Delivering Your Business Plan


Delivering a business pitch is the most important first step to grabbing an investor’s attention.  Here are 12 tips to help you construct and deliver that pitch confidently in 10 minutes.

1.) Start off with a compelling story – tie this story into the audience to really grab their attention

2.) Present a unique solution

3.) Share your success to date – don’t be afraid to brag a bit

4.) Explain your target market – explain why they will come to your product

5.) Explain how you will acquire your customers and keep them

6.) Be clear about who your competition is – don’t forget to include why you’re different and better

7.) Share your revenue model – be clear how you will make money

8.) Share your financial projections – don’t hesitate to include your assumptions used to obtain these projections

9.) Talk about why your team is the right team

10.) Spell out your funding needs and uses

11.) Explain your exit strategy – this will show you’ve thought about the future of your company

12.) Have fun with it

For more on these tips and business planning, go to www.LivePlan.com

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