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Networking Tips to Help You Work the Room…


Here at the SBDC, we have many opportunities to network with our clients and fellow resource providers.  Many of our clients have been open with the fact that they find networking very difficult and sometimes downright unproductive.  Whether you like it or not, networking is a fact of being in business and you have to learn to “work a room” effectively.  Not everyone will be a pro but you should strive to feel comfortable joining a conversation and learning about others in your business circles.

We have put together a one page guide that summarizes some of the best-practices of networking that we have come across.  Download and customize it to suit your networking needs then get out there and practice, practice, practice!

Here are some online articles we used to help pull our guide together:

How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch or Elevator Speech

Business Networking Tips and Techniques – Great checklist and elevator speech guide.

How to Network Successfully – A quick read on some of the basics.

The Real Secret to Successful Networking – Great instruction on developing the leads from networking.

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