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connect2docsAfter nine months of research about products and the development of a marketing plan, Connect2Docs officially launched in March 2012. This local small business provides its clients with telemedicine, medical negotiation, and prescription discount card services.

When the company first started, the clients were primarily located in the Dayton metro area. After a few months Connect2Docs secured customers throughout the state of Ohio. Now, 18 months into this successful business venture, the customer base continues to grow. Connect2Docs currently has agents and customers from Alaska to Texas, Michigan to Florida and California to the Carolinas and it continues to grow even in this slow economy. Additionally, the customer base is very diverse, and includes individuals as well as trade associations with thousands of member companies.

Connect2Docs is anticipating a very significant amount of growth over the next eighteen months as many individuals, companies, trade associations, and governmental agencies are learning about the business and the convenient, affordable access to healthcare it provides. Connect2Docs has also added several new services for its members, helping the company to continue providing an exceptional value to all its customers.

For more information on this rapidly growing small business please check out their website www.connect2docs.com

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