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Feel Like You Need CPR? – Cell Phone Repair, That is…



As a pilot for the Air Force, Jim Kreinbrink of Beavercreek was accustomed to exciting challenges every day.

“I served in the military for 12 years and flew different aircraft from 2002-2010,” he said. “I came to Wright Patterson in 2010 and worked as a liaison for engineers at the base but after so many years, I was ready to try something different.”

What the business does: CPR Cell Phone Repair, located in Centerville, opened its doors last November.

“We are a cell phone and small electronics repair business,” he said. “We keep a lot of popular brand parts in stock so we can often turn around repairs very quickly – sometimes within an hour. That’s important because it’s tough for people to be without their phones for very long.”

Kreinbrink’s business also offers more complicated repairs and they have some retail items in the store. There are three full time employees currently – two technicians and one salesperson.

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