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BoomAirLLC Prospers in International Markets


BoomAirA few years ago, H.G. Bombardi and his partner invented a device for the airline industry.  Their device, the BoomAir Hose Management System, is used in conjunction with ground support equipment to deliver conditioned air to aircraft at the gate.  This system saves a considerable amount of time and money by increasing efficiency.

BoomAirLLC came to our offices in the early stages of development. With a little guidance this small business began to market their product in the United States domestic market. BoomAirLLC was able to make a sizable sale of the BoomAir Hose Management System to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.  According to Mr. Bombardi, this was a direct result of the assistance provided by our SBDC and ITAC offices. Since then the BoomAir Hose Management System has been ordered for use in many airports spread all across the US.

When the company decided to explore the international marketplace, they sought advice from Kathy Marshalek, ITAC Director at Wright State University, Raj Soin College of Business, and the ITAC interns. ITAC provided BoomAirLLC with advice on export sales, international market research, and acquiring the rules and standards of municipality operations. BoomAirLLC has since sold their product in Canada, Spain, Hong Kong, and Japan. We are very proud of BoomAirLLC’s success and look forward to continuing our work together in the future.

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