Student Projects

Student Team Projects

The Ohio SBDC works closely with the faculty and students at Wright State University to deliver professional assistance to the business community. Student Team projects are normally supervised by professors with business experience and students are normally performing at a graduate level within the project area.

How it Works:

  1. SBDC clients contact an SBDC Business Advisor and express an interest in working with students on an internal challenge they are facing.
  2. Client business owner completes a Business Profile Form and submits it to the Business Advisor for consideration in upcoming courses.
  3. A Business Advisor and Wright State Professor will select business clients that have challenges that best match the course curriculum for the upcoming term.
  4. Selected client businesses will be contacted with instructions, meeting times and expectations for class participation.
  5. SBDC Business Advisor will monitor progress and perform a follow-up contact after the project is completed.

To start the process, download, complete and return the following two forms:

It is extremely important that business clients dedicate the time and cooperation needed to assist student teams with the information they need for their course work. If a conflict should arise during the project please contact your SBDC Business Advisor and the course professor. Listed below are the current selection of project teams available.

Small Business Management

  • Students will work in teams with small businesses to develop a business plan. They will look at marketing, finances, staffing, etc. needed to start a business or grow an existing business.
  • This project is offered in the Winter and Spring

Human Resource Consulting Skills

  • Students will work in teams with small businesses to develop: staffing policy and procedures manual, compensation policy and procedures manual, develop recruitment materials, and conduct wages surveys.
  • This project is offered in the Fall

Business Marketing

  • Class topics vary depending on course focus. Traditional, internet and retail marketing projects are common areas addressed.
  • This project is offered in the Spring
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