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SBDC Client Featured in National Publication

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Rastetter, Danielle, DVMBack in 2011, Small Business Development Center client, Dr. Danielle N. Rastetter, DVM, established Miami Valley’s only stationary, high-quality, spay and neuter clinic. A graduate of Ohio State University, Dr. Rastetter has devoted her life to merge compassion and owner education into a proactive lifestyle. Before starting off on her own, she spent more than 12 years working in private veterinary practices, five of which included helping at a non-profit shelter. During that time, Dr. Rastetter noticed an economic and financial niche in pet ownership – namely those could not quite afford the high-cost of private veterinary care, but did not quality for financial need. As a result, Rastetter works with area shelters, often getting referrals from them for pet owners who don’t qualify for need-based assistance as well a client referrals.

“I felt the community still had a population of people that didn’t’ qualify for the need-based assistance but still needed help,” she said. Her vision, Rastetter said, is to “reduce unnecessary euthanasia of adoptable” pets.

Another challenge to her growing small business is the challenges from other, traditional veterinary practices, which often imply she might offer a lower standard of care. However, she counters their negativity with patient’s positive-care online reviews – both on her own website, Google+ reviews,, and even on Pets In Stitches offer safe and affordable spaying and neutering for dogs of all ages and sizes, as well as the unique free-roaming cat program Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program. She also offers vaccines, heartworm and micro-chipping under the umbrella of spay-neuter, but she refers clients to traditional clinics for booster shots or any other services.

Ultimately, “we’re trying to make this affordable for the community and encourage full-service relationships,” she says.

Information provided by DVM360 Magazine. For more information, or general inquiries, call Pets In Stitches at (937) 630-3320, or online at For more information about the Small Business Development Center at Wright State University’s Raj Soin College of Business call 937-775-3503 or visit


Video – Publishing Your Prices – Or Not

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Should you publish your pricing or not?  Whether its on the web, in print or part of a public presentation, it can be a guessing game as to whether you should put prices on your products or services.  This video, taken from The Pricing Strategies class at the WSU SBDC will help you decide what is best for your company.

Speaker:  Earl Gregorich

Produced by: Kim Woodbury

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WSU SBDC in Dayton Business Journal – Strategies for Marketing

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A recent article in the Dayton Business Journal featured two SBDC’s in the Dayton region.  Pat Newcomb from the Entrepreneur’s Center and Earl Gregorich from Wright State University collaborated to provide insight on marketing strategies with traditional and social media.  Check out the full DBJ story.

Wayne Gretzky

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Rhonda Abrams and Visa Offer Free Small Business Holiday Planning Guide

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If you are looking forward to Black Friday with anticipation of selling rather than buying, Rhonda Abrams and Visa merchant services have teamed up to help you plan for not only the big day but the entire holiday season.  Download the two guides and have a great holiday season!

Social Media Guide for Holiday Sellers – See where the customers are and what they are doing on the most popular social networks.  Need a strategy?  Come in to the SBDC for a planning session.

Holiday Guide for Small Businesses – An all-in-one guide to holiday sales success.

10 Signs Your Marketing is Outdated from

05/10/2012 Comments off’s Young Entrepreneur Council recently asked 10 successful young entrepreneurs to share their opinions on which marketing tactics they find to be outdated. Here are their thoughts:

1. Cold Calling. As cleverly states, cold calling is just not “hot” anymore. Rather than saying the same pitch to every potential customer, it is best to research each potential customer and tailor your pitch to them.

2. Putting Sales Before Success. This tactic of “sell, sell, sell” is being replaced by prioritizing customer retention and loyalty. This puts emphasis on post-sale support in order to create repeat customers.

3. Spam. Our inboxes are constantly filled, so each email needs to be worth reading. Emails, like phone calls, should be more personalized in order to be effective.

4. Being Fixated on the Clock. The traditional 9-5 job is no longer sufficient when it comes to bolstering business development. Thanks to the internet, not only are we no longer limited by time, but we are encouraged to use personal social networking to further develop business.

5. Using Snail Mail. Attempting mass market your business or your product through traditional mail is wasteful for businesses today.

6. Going by the Script. Using the hard sell when pitching sales is becoming less effective. Sales teams should try to connect to people rather than sell people.

7. Selling Specs Rather than Vision. It is more important to explain “why” rather than justify “how”. Whether you are talking about a product or your company on the whole, you want to get your customers to feel good about what you do. This way, you get your customers to believe what you believe.

8. Promoting Instead of Providing. When marketing and selling, it can be said that you are appealing to people who are already looking for something. Because of this, the quality of the information is most important.If you provide the necessary information you won’t have to twist any arms.

9. Trying to be First in the Phone Book. Buying your way to the top of a list isn’t going to cut it anymore. More businesses get customers through referrals, so instead of allocating your resources to buy the biggest and best ads, instead spend your resources on making your existing customers remember to suggest your name the next time a colleague needs something.

10. Using Social Media like a Machine. Social Media is about engagement. People don’t connect to your business on Facebook or Twitter to see more ads.

You can read the full article here.

If you are interested in taking a Marketing course with the SBDC at WSU, please visit our class schedule for dates and times of upcoming courses.

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